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We offer full service professional grooming for your pets. We are trained in many different breed patterns and offer the newest, latest trends. We do bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland expression and hair cuts. We use top of line products and offer a variety for all different pet needs. We use organic flea and tick shampoo, medicated shampoo, hypo- allergenic shampoo, etc. We also have a variety of ribbons for bows and nail polish colors for toes (on request, no charge). Finishing touches include a free bandanna.

We would love to serve you and your pet. Please call for an appointment today 505-864-7946

If you desire a rewarding career in the pet grooming business, Shari has instructed groomers from all over the country! Please check out her Dog Grooming School.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your pet happy and healthy

Shari Mathews-Gallegos

Shari Mathews-Gallegos


Shari is the owner and operator. Shari attended school at Tara Lara School of Dog Grooming. Shari graduated top in her class on February 6,1982 and became state certified. Shari worked for a local veterinarian until she opened Shari’s Pampered Pets on February 5,1985. Shari specializes in Professional Grooming on Various Pure Breeds and Cross Breeds. Shari has 3 daughters, whom she raised in her shop, so it is "literally" a family owned and operated business. Shari loves her job now just as much as she did 34 years ago.

Jolene Mathews

Jolene Mathews


Jolene, who is 29, is Shari’s middle daughter. She has worked on and off for her mom, since she was 16 years old. Jolene has worked full time for the past 7 years. Jolene specializes in bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. She loves working with all the pets, ESPECIALLY the cats.

Dominique Gallegos

Dominique Gallegos

Future Groomer

Dominique, who is 13, is Shari‘s youngest daughter. She is a groomer in the making. She enjoys coming to the grooming shop after school. She loves to spend time with her mom, sisters, nieces, nephew, and of course the PETS. She is a big help in entertaining Kylee and Hollee, her nieces, and Mathew, her nephew. (Shari’s grandchildren)

Krystal Kaiser

Krystal Kaiser


Krystal Kaiser: Krystal who is 31, is Shari‘s oldest daughter. She has been professionally grooming since she was 16 years old and working full time with her mom since she graduated high school in 2003. Although she was raised at the grooming shop since birth. Krystal is the secretary and handles most of the customer service at Shari’s Pampered Pets. She has 2 daughters and 1 son, that she is now raising at the shop, Kylee who is 7, Hollee who is 5,and Mathew who is 3.

This little Grump is no problem!

Here at Shari’s we’ll turn his frown upside-down! We have the experience and patience to groom your problem-child.

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